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ISO consultant

This ProcessManager cloud solution is free for the consultant with partner agreement, and aims to help the consultant build management systems without having to start all over, every time you get a new customer

Enhance customer value, maintain consultancy salary, reduce consultancy effort and get recurrent revenue!

For 10 years, we have used and developed our own software, ProcessManager, to build simple and effective management systems for our customers to help them achieve certifications to ISO 9001, 14001, 13485, 27001 and OHSAS 18001.

Our long-time goal is to focus on software development and provision and less on consultancy. Therefore, we invite consultants to join us in using and further developing our software.

The ProcessManager Cloud Solution comes with a generic template for a combined management system structured according to the new 2015 version, as well as many document templates.

This cloud solution is free for the consultant, and aims to help the consultant build management systems without having to start all over, every time you get a new customer. You can also develop your own template to be used for your customers.

If your customer chooses to have their management system built in the ProcessManager cloud solution, with a dedicated site, then the customer pays a recurrent subscription fee that is divided between the consultant and ProcessManager ApS.

For all consultants who think that this tool is interesting and believes that it can add value to your customers and your business, we would like to offer 1 free license for 3 months where you can test it. There is full functionality and full support.

If you want to try the system without any costs or bindings, send us an email with your name and company name, or fill out the form at the bottom of the page, then you will receive a mail with login information and a user manual.


Most customers today prefer our cloud based solution making the software easy available from common browsers using username and password. The subscription is all inclusive like storage, traffic, updates, as well as user support. The software can also be installed on the customer’s local server allowing AD (Active Directory) to be implemented.

What our customers say about us

Alfa Lava new management system
Alfa Laval logo

"ProcessManager is easy to use and establish a process approach in a simple and intuitive way!”

Irene Jørgensen, Quality Manager
Alfa Laval

Cirque talks about its ISO certification
Cirque logo

“The ISO 9001 certification process back in 2005 was an opportunity to further professionalize the company!”

Kristoffer Basse, CEO
Cirque A/S

ICM new management system customer case
ICM logo

“ProcessManager helped us implementing ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 at once!”

Jan Selcau, CEO

The KurerXperten ISO 9001 and 14001 customer case
KurerXperten logo

“ProcessManager helped us build a very simple ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 management system reflecting our very basic task in driving from A to B”

Flemming Riismøller, CEO

Polaroil ISO 9001 and 14001 customer case
Polaroil logo

“ProcessManager helped Polaroil build the first version of a quality management system for ISO 9001 in only 1 week!”

Tage Lindegaard, Energy Director

Krüger's new management system
Krüger logo

”We use ProcessManager to form a new simple, visual and process oriented interface for easy access to all our Engineering Guidelines, Technial Instructions, Best practise reports, Project Reviews and ISO 9001 procedures”

Carsten Rex Mortensen, VP Industrial Business Development, Director HSE

Pascal ISO 9001 customer case
Pascal logo

“They key benefits of Process Manager over alternative solutions is simplicity of the interface and ease of implementation and adaptation”

Jonas Mønster Vaabengaard, Director of Operations, B. Sc. EE

Tage Kristensen ISO 9001 customer case
Tage Kristensen logo

“Ready for ISO 9001 certification in only 1 month and 4 days”

Mark Kristensen, CEO
Tage Kristensen

KD Maskinfabrik ISO 9001 customer case
KD Maskinfabrik logo

"Simple and fast ISO certification in 1 month and 4 days!"

Jens Krogh, CEO
KD Group


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