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Cirque (acquired by TDV Erhverv March 2016) provides simpler, smarter telecom solutions. The company’s main draw is their Skype for Business solution, which integrates telecom with IT in ways that are quite unique.

“The ISO 9001 certification process back in 2005 was an opportunity to further professionalize the company!”

In 2004, we faced a statutory requirement for an ISO 9001 certification of certain of our processes.

When now we, nevertheless, had to use time and money on this, we would not just have the certificate, but also a real professionalization of the company – which could lead to concrete business results. We therefore chose to let all the company’s processes certify and to involve director ProcessManager to gain expertise and a “second opinion” from outside.

The quality management system was organized around management, customer and support processes. Based on this structure all processes were unfolded to an operational level adequate for the company. The challenge was both to describe “as is” and also to make improvements.

Subsequently we developed a set of Key Performance Indicators related to the main processes. To make it very visible and involve all employees, we installed 6 flat screens showing the actual online results allowing everyone to stay updated!

Kristoffer Basse, CEO